Curriculum Vitae

  • Employment

PhD Researcher  in  International Law Department, Faculty of Law, University of Groningen, the Netherlands, September 2014-August 2018, funded by the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education, Ministry of Finance, the Republic of Indonesia

Lecturer  in  International  Law   Department,  Faculty  of  Law,  Sebelas  Maret  University  (UNS), December 2013-Present


  • Professional Organization
  •  Junior Researcher Member of the Netherland School of Human Rights
  • Member of Working Group on the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of the School of Human Rights, the Netherlands.


  • Education

LL.M.  in  International  Law  specialization  in  Human   Rights  Law;  University  of  Groningen,  The Netherlands, 2010-2011. Thesis  Topic:  The  Role  of  Indonesian  Human  Rights  Commission  in  Facilitating  the  Justiciability  of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights  (A Case Study on the Hot Mud Flow Disaster in East Java Province, Indonesia). Supervisor : Dr. Antenor Hallo de Wolf. Granted the International Fellowship Program from the Ford Foundation

Master of Laws in Business Law; Gajah Mada University, Indonesia, 2001-2004. Thesis Topic: Food Labelling as a Method in Protecting Consumer in Yogyakarta. Supervisor: Dr. Siti Ismiati Jeni

Bachelor of Law, Sebelas Maret University (UNS), Indonesia 1995-1999. Thesis Topic: The Implementation of Fire Insurance Claims Caused By Riots  between 1998 and 1999 in Surakarta.

  • Publication

Erna    Dyah    Kusumawati.    The    Justiciability    of    Economic    and    Social    Rights    in    Indonesia:    The Importance           of           Ratifying           the           Optional           Protocol           to           the           International Covenant  on  Economic,  Social,  and  Cultural  Rights  (ICESCR).  (2014)  Padjadjaran  Jurnal  Ilmu  Hukum Volume 1 No. 2.

Erna  Dyah  Kusumawati,  Sasmini,  Ayub  Torry:  MESUJI  CASE:  Is  There  A  Violation  of  Economic  Rights? Availibility  of  Judicial  Settlement  Mechanism  on the  Violation  of  Economic  and  Social  Rights  in  Indonesia. (2013). The Indonesian Journal of International Law, Vol. 10 No. 2.

Erna Dyah  Kusumawati,  Access  to  Justice  for  Women  Criminals  in  Indonesia.  (2013).  Proceeding  of  the National Workshop on “Constructing Legal Aid in Ensuring Access to Justice”. Surabaya. Indonesia.

Erna  Dyah  Kusumawati,  The  Justiciability  of  Socio-Economic  Rights  in  Indonesia:  The  Importance  of Ratifying the Optional Protocol to the ICESCR. In Atip Latifulhayat, et al, Economic and Social Rights Today: developing  and  Developed  Countries’  Perspective.   (2012).  Proceeding  Conference.  ”the  1st  Padjajaran International  Conference  on  Human  Rights”,  Padjajaran  University-Bandung.  Indonesia.  Pp  77-100.  ISBN:978-602-17462-0-2

Erna Dyah Kusumawati, Assessing National Protection of the Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Post – Disaster Period in Indonesia. (2012). Proceeding Conference “Indonesian Humanitarian Action Forum”. ISSN: 2302-7470.

Erna Dyah Kusumawati.   Multinational Corporations:   Theirs  Position and Influence in Fulfilling the ESC Rights. in PUSHAM UII “To fulfill and To Protect:  Reading the Real Human Rights Cases. (2012). PUSHAM UII in Collaboration with Norwegian Centre of Human Rights.   Yogyakarta. Indonesia. pp. 417-460. ISBN: 978-979-18057-6-6

Erna      Dyah   Kusumawati,   The   Role   of   the   International   Environmental   Law   Regime      In   Abating Acidification in Europe. (2012). Yustisia Law Journal, Ed. 85, May-August. ISSN: 0852-0941

Erna    Dyah  Kusumawati,  The  Practice  of  Corporal  Punishment  for  Criminals  in  Islamic  States  and  its relevance    To  The  United  Nations  Convention  against  Torture  (UN  CAT).  (2011).  Yustisia  Law  Journal, Special Edition, Indonesia. ISSN: 0852-0941

Erna   Dyah  Kusumawati,  The  Challenges  of  Implementing  Prohibition  of  Torture  in  Two Levels: ASEAN and Indonesia. (2011). Yustisia Law Journal. Ed. 83. May-August. ISSN: 0852-0941

Erna  Dyah Kusumawati. The Protection of the Women Refugees Under International Law. (2008). Yustisia Law Journal, Indonesia. ISSN: 0852-0941.


  • Conference


  Congres onderzoeksprogramma Public Trust & Public Law, “De wisselwerking tussen recht en vertrouwen  bij  toezicht  en  handhaving”,  will  be  held  on  11  december  2015,  University  of Groningen (abstract had been accepted and will deliver an oral presentation on Forced Evictions Between Public and Communal Interests: an Issue of Accountability under the Indonesian Legal System)

   Conference  on  “Governance  and  Sustainable  Society  in  Southeast  Asia”   will  be  held  in Amsterdam  and  The  Hague,  the  Netherlands,    November  18-20,  2015  held  by  The  Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), the University of  Groningen (RUG), and the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University (an oral presentation on A Recurring Dream of Affordable Housing in Indonesia; A Perspective from Human Rights-Based Approach)

    1st  Annual  Housing  Law  Symposium  6th  February  2015,  Housing  Law  Research  Network  & European  Network  of  Housing  Research,  University  of  Groningen  (  oral  presentation  on  TheQuest  for  Accountability:  Ensuring  and  Fulfilling  an  Equitable  Right  to  Adequate  Housing in Indonesia)

  The  11th  Annual  ASLI  Conference,  Law  in  Asia:  Balancing  Tradition  and  Modernization, Malaysia, 29 & 30 May, 2014. (an oral  presentation  on  The  Protection  and  the  fulfilment of  the  Rights  of  the  Children Detained in Adult Prison.)

The     Workshop     on     “Constructing     Legal     Aid     in     Ensuring     Access     to     Justice”. Surabaya.  Indonesia.  2013.  Surabaya  Indonesia.  Oral  Presentation  on  Access  to  Justice for  Women Criminals in Indonesia

 The 1st Padjajaran International Conference on Human Rights” Bandung – Indonesia, 2012, oral   presentation   on   The   Justiciability   of   Socio-Economic   Rights   in   Indonesia:   The Importance of Ratifying the Optional Protocol to the ICESCR.

 The    2nd      Indonesian    Humanitarian    Action    Forum,    Yogyakarta-Indonesia,    2012,    oral presentation  on  Assessing  National  Protection  of  the  Internal  Displaced  Persons  (IDPs)  in Post -Disaster Period in Indonesia.


    As   a   Contributor   of   a   training   module   “Advocacy   Training   for   Person   with Disabilities”,  a  collaboration  between  the  Disabilities  Rights  Fund  –DRF  (the  USA)  and OHANA (Yogyakarta, Indonesia), September-December 2014

  As   a   Person   in   Charge   for   the   Centre   of   Research   and   Development   of   The Constitution and Human Rights, LPPM, Sebelas Maret University, since 2012-present.


  As  a  Coordinator  for  Court  Litigation  at  the  Legal  Aid  Institution  of  Faculty  of  Law, Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta.


  • Language proficiency

Fluent in English;  Native in Indonesian (Bahasa) and Basic Dutch




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